HREDA - Minnows

Craig Broad 24/08/2009

Rating: 1.5/5

In the current state of music, it is possibly the worst idea to be releasing any form of instrumental album unless you are say, Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky. The genre has not only managed to eat its own head, becoming one of the more stale of music genres but it also houses the most elitist, hard to please music lovers possibly in the world.

In step HREDA then, a three piece band(that is a drummer and two guitarists, no bassist here folks) from Oxford, UK who play a brand of instrumental music that they would call post-rock but I prefer indie rock without vocals or structure.

The two tracks on show here, and Dead Horses very much explore the same sort of ground, it is atmospheric in places but then edgy indie guitar music in others, both tracks nodding their head to the likes of Upcdownc and Ghosts & Vodka except without the brilliant songwriting craft of Upcdownc and devoid of the instrumental fun that can be found within Ghosts & Vodka.

It comes as no surprise to me that they have been featured on Drowned In Sound and anyone who likes what Drowned In Sound like will not go wrong here but for me, I expect more from my instrumental music. In a genre that is steadily killing itself off, it is disappointing to see yet another band going through the tried and tested routes of being like Battles mixed with something else and while with some bands this works to great effect(just look at That Fucking Tank for a great example) it just doesn't with HREDA and I end up feeling that 1. I won't remember this band tomorrow and 2. That it had absolutely no effect on me emotionally at all.

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