Infadels - Girl That Speaks No Words

Emily Tartanella 15/10/2006

Rating: 4/5

Infadels, one of the hardest working bands in show business, give it one last try and release their final song off of debut We Are Not the Infadels in a slightly desperate attempt for international acclaim. And it's not exactly the boost these boys in black could use to gain the fame they deserve. Not because it's a bad single - far from it. It just lacks the real commercial potential that these guys have always had.

“Girl That Speaks No Words” is an enigmatic combination of nonsense rhymes and blustering Editors-inspired rock that all congeals around a sincere plea of 'take me with you!' This is the most swooningly sex-obsessed that Infadels have ever been (at least while being recorded), and that's a great part of its charm. Despite being the fifth (yes, fifth) single from their debut, it still sounds fresh and, if not new, at least interesting. Like Technique era New Order, Infadels mash up pop, dance, and just a hint of stripped-down guitar exploits, to relative success.

Skip the obligatory remixes, which do nothing but strip away layers of romanticism, but the jittery, techno-pop cover of the Raconteurs' 'Steady As She Goes' is ten kinds of fantastic, the perfect snarling antidote to the lingering sweetness of “Girl That Speaks No Words.” But isn't it telling that Infadels' best song is a cover?