Vile Imbeciles, Jon Jones & The Beatniks Movement, Deathray Trebuchay, Micron Sixty Three, Akira - CHAMBER in association with GIITTV

Bill Cummings 24/03/2009

Here at GIITTV zine we've decided to team up with CHAMBER an ace night of alternative/progressive/new wave/dark music based in London. In the coming months we'll be announcing some exciting line ups, some superb competitions and the chance for your band to appear at one of the CHAMBER nights.

The first CHAMBER in association with http://www.GODISINTHETVZINE.co.uk night, comes on Sunday 19th April 2009 at the Legion on Old Street in London. Featuring the following acts:

Vile Imbeciles + Jon Jones & The Beatniks Movement + Deathray Trebuchay + Micron Sixty Three + Akira + Demontre+ DJ King Chinchilla. It's 7pm until Midnight and Ł5 Entry.

We've got a PAIR of tickets to give away simply tell us the venue where the event will be held and send your answers to bill@godisinthetvzine.co.uk by the 7rd of April.

Full line up blurb:

Vile Imbeciles

Intense and deranged psychedelic punk, unhinged rock and erratic funk. Death-Jazz?
Second album 'Queenie Was A Blonde' is out now.

“Decidedly uneasy listening perhaps, but curiously triumphant” Uncut

“Wilfully avant-garde trio admirably attempt to disassemble rock n roll (KKKK)” Kerrang

“sounds like captain beefheart if he were 50ft tall, possessed by the devil himself and plugged directly into the national grid” The Word

Jones & the Beatniks Movement

Bone crunching rock that whips in Stooges, Ramones, QOTSA, 80s Matchbox with dirty guttural hooks.

'Engine Power EP' out now on Decasian Records.

“This is fucking primal stuff!'' MONO

“a piece of punk escapism, a nightmare on your street, a bad trip on a flight home, a psycho-babble orgy - whatever you fear most, this is it - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - do it now!! Absolutely electrifying!" Toxic Pete

“Afterwards I spoke to the rock oracle; she looks at me from underneath her smeared eyeliner and said 'Yes.” The Moose Factory

Deathray Trebuchay

6 piece gypsy avant-punks pumping high energy eccentric performances and rousing melodies. Like a vodka party in the middle of a hurricane. Debut single 'Number Six' out now.

“Ace punk meets samba meets surf" Time Out

"Death Ray Trebuchey have blended the genres of surf rock, samba, ska, and punk to create a scary other world of dancing skeleton Mexicans who parade about carrying heads on pikes" spoonfed.co.uk

Micron Sixty Three

Surging and frenetic rhythms. Jagged post punk melodies. Think PiL and Bauhaus mangled together with Nine Inch Nails. The sound of your heart exploding in your chest. Debut Single 'Death Is Colder Than Love' out now on Disc Error Recordings.

“brooding electroey/guitary racket which marries memories of the past with visions of the future to create something indefinable by the present” Pix Magazine

“It grabs you, thrashes you, rotates you and throws you to the floor. And that's only the opening” Audioscribbler


Experimental trio merging everything from lo-fi pop through to post-rock apocalyptica. 'Japanese Frequencies EP' out now.

"Car-crash music shouldn't sound so sexy... discordant pop gold." 4/5 God Is In The TV

"The one overriding factor that they have going for them is the sheer scope of their vision. They're one of the few bands who you can really say are completely doing their own thing with no regard to what the outside world thinks it should be hearing." Drowned In Sound


Three piece combining demonised pop and lurching and contorted thundering rhythms.


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More info on CHAMBER:

Email: thisischamber@yahoo.co.uk

Myspace: www.myspace.com/thisischamber