Massive Attack - Live With Me

Toby Rogers 13/03/2006

Rating: 4/5

Massive Attack are legendary. Ever since the release of their glorious debut they've been breaking boundaries. Merging deep dup bass, hip-hop swagger and vintage soul they created a brand of British electronica that would capture the imagination of a generation. Claustrophobically dark but with a soothing centre, ground breaking tracks like Unfinished Sympathy, Protection and Teardrop would become era-defining moments.

Live With Me is the first Massive Attack single for three years. Featuring the vocal talents of Terry Callier it sees them return to the soulful styling of their masterpiece Blue Lines. Intricately atmospheric, the trademark Massive Attack sound is still here. Undulating trip-hop drums, surging strings and heart-wrenching vocals reveal a band still near the peak of their powers. Unlike many of their contemporaries Massive Attack remain a vibrant and influential force in British music.