Outsider - Understanding EP

Benjamin Short 17/10/2005

Rating: 4/5

If anyone, like myself, wistfully remembers The Dawn Parade, a band who recently departed the mortal realm, Outsider are your new idols. This EP, their first release, quivers with passion, empathy, hope, lust, and all those other feelings which make your hairs stand on end and your heart beat a little faster. The title track closely resembles Keane, with greater honesty and verve, whilst 'Only Yourself to Blame' is equally powerful. 'Old Man' is a stark acoustic plea, dark and bitter, but above all uplifting. “I'm only human and for that there is no cure", whispers vocalist Danny Jones, expressing the most elemental conflict of existence, and capturing the essence of Outsider's music. In a blind taste test, eight out of ten consumers preferred Outsider to the leading anthemic rock brand, U2.