TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me

Mike Mantin 04/08/2006

Rating: 4/5

The first cut from TV On The Radio's astonishing new album 'Return To Cookie Mountain' is an appropriate one, as it distills everything that makes it an Album Of The Year contender: it's got soulful vocals and interesting werewolf-themed lyrics over a backdrop of howling guitar fuzz, yet still remains a memorable pop song. Its pounding bassline and crashing drums ensure it'll work just fine on a dancefloor, too. Its only problem is it's slightly too good to get them in the charts: the verses are catchy but shrouded in delicious feedback, and the second half is all slower, atmospheric beats and cries of "we're howling forever!" It's thrilling, if a little daunting, and if your budget means you're unable to buy their magnificent album, 'Wolf Like Me' should introduce you to its unique delights.