Morrissey - I’m Throwing My Arms around Paris

Rhian Daly 25/02/2009

Rating: 3/5

Morrissey turns 50 later this year so you might expect him to be losing his touch by now - it is 26 years since his first release (with The Smiths), after all. Rather than his talent diminishing though, it seems to be staying firmly put at the same consistent level as it has remained for the past few years. 'I'm Throwing My Arms around Paris', the first single from new LP 'Years of Refusal', is pretty much what you could expect from Morrissey in his solo vehicle; dramatic, grandiose and, lyrically speaking, right on the money. There's nothing extraordinary about the single - it could quite easily fit snugly on any other solo record the great man has released this decade - but it's enjoyable enough for that not to bother you.