Yoav - Beautiful Lie

Matt Churchill 04/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

South African songwriter Yoav releases his debut single 'Beautiful Lie' before his highly anticipated album 'Charmed And Strange' hits the shops in early 2008. The artist, who is gathering a large following online as well as through the 'pure' form of gigging, is establishing himself as a musician who may break through to the big time.

This track is a haunting, raw and emotive piece of work, showcasing Yoav's sublime vocal skills as he rushes from almost screamed heart-wrenching falsettos to moments no louder than a whisper. The stuttered guitar, echoed in a way that would bring a smile to The Edge's experienced face, adds a melancholy yet uplifting feel to the song.

With a digital download release penned in for October 15, with a physical version of the song available a week later, it is the ideal opportunity to find one of next year's up-coming singers this year.

Released 15/10/2007