Deep Cut - Time To Kill

Matt Harrold 12/11/2008

Rating: 2/5

Paying homage to the greats can go many ways. You could end up defining an era and selling millions of records like Oasis, become a parody like Wolfmother (I'm not sure they're supposed to be a parody - Ed), or just fail miserably at your attempt to produce anything exciting or worthy of the term 'originality'. Sadly Deep Cut fall into the latter with their debut single Time To Kill. They try so hard to follow in the footsteps of the lords of beautiful soundscapes My Bloody Valentine, but end up sounding more like a castrated Ride fronted by a '60s girl group.

The problem being that you don't aim to emulate the greats without learning the lessons they leave. Good shoegaze is all about the swirls and tones, the tension and the juxtaposition of chaos against controled beauty, not just a fuzzed up guitar and a few riffs fronted by female vocals that are more flat than sexy. So remember kids, study the music before picking up a guitar and trying to write your own.

Release date: 27/10/08