Kubichek! - Outwards

Matt Harrold 11/12/2006

Rating: 4/5

With the nights getting shorter and skies turning every shade of grey of late it's time to fight off them winter blues with some musical Prozac. Heralding from Newcastle Upon Tyne step forward Kubichek! with their catchy indie-pop, in the form of their latest single 'Outwards'. Coming across like a spikier version of the Editors put into fourth gear with the accelerator pedal slammed to the floor, Kubichek's opening riff kaleidoscopes itself over punchy rhythm guitar. Coupled with some enthusiastic drumming it'll set your pulse racing and keep your feet tapping happily away.

Alternatively if you've had one too many 'Outwards' will Hi-jack your brain, and force you onto the dance floor to strut your stuff. Not a bad thing if you're of the fairer sex but probably something akin to a disaster if your male. The safer option of course would be to get a copy of this stonkingly good single.