The Stills - Destroyer

Matt Harrold 18/05/2007

Rating: 4/5

Under the 60's pop-alt country sensibility of the Stills new single 'Destroyer' lays a dark beating heart. Yes, dig just a little deeper dear listener. Behind those trumpets lending the air of a big time band, under the hammond organ that sounds so retro you'd be forgiven to think the Carnaby Street never sold out to become just a trendy place to do your shopping.

Beyond the jangles and pounding beat that will have your foot tapping like thumper in heat, to the real reason The Stills know how to work a catchy tune. Oh yes, if you want to find the truth then look too the lyrics, narcissistic in their rejection of broken hearted love. Hell, Morrisey could take a few lessons from 'Destroyer' in how to get away with being a depressing git and not sounding like it.