The Operation - Come Clean

Richard Wink 08/06/2010

Rating: 2/5

'Come Clean', that sounds familiar. Ah yes, I remember back in 2001, when I visited my local HMV and purchased Puddle of Mudd's debut album, which was ominously titled Come Clean. Back then I was impressionable, I believe Fred Durst called Puddle of Mudd the best band since The Rolling Stones + The Beatles + The Who. This was before twitter posts so, his proclamation was actually printed in the music press, which seemed to give such a ridiculously over the top statement some semblance of legitimacy.

The Operation have been on the gig circuit for a while, peddling earnest man-rock in a similar vain to the blander moments of the Foo Fighters. To give you an idea of what they sound like, try imagining someone who had been banned from listening to the first two Foo albums, and was ignorant of Dave Grohl's other bad-ass projects such as Probot, and some band from the early nineties called Nirvana. Instead they've bounced along the roads of Somerset in their comfy, air conditioned tour bus to 'Wheels', 'Times Like These' and 'Next Year' on constant rotation.

'Come Clean' is semi-respectable, with its heart in the right place. The problem for The Operation is that bands such as Biffy Clyro are streets ahead when it comes to knocking out anthemic, fist pumping stadium / arena rock.

'Come Clean' is aspirational with its Foo chorus, the quiet loud break down. Unfortunately it's a walkman battling to be heard in a world of iPods.

Release Date: Out Now