Arcs - Surprises Ep

Craig Broad 07/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

Arcs are an unsigned four-piece band from London who despite being a relatively alternative band gained Demo of the Week in Organ Magazine and Band of the Week in Room Thirteen Magazine in 2008. 2009 sees the release of EP 'Surprises' and my, what a surprise it is.

'Surprises' is the show of a band paying homage to their influences and idols and the ...Trail Of Dead, Sonic Youth, At The Drive-In and Minus The Bear influences seem to be at the forefront with edgy aggressive guitar work pinned together by frantic drumming, quirky lyrics and song structuring that would most likely be found within the aforementioned bands records.

'Surprises' is the start of something big, Arcs have the potential to grab the fans of bands like youthmovies and shake them up with something that is exciting, fresh and more ballsy than anything on the current cool kid indie scene. It was only a matter of time until the UK spat out a bunch of angry kids prepared to stir things up and Arcs, given abit of time and better production have the necessary talent to do such a thing.

Watch this space, Arcs are on their way up!