Captive State - Elmore Grove EP

Miss Fliss 01/09/2008

Rating: 1/5

Funky folk music, anyone? Didn't think so. Although, perhaps the Beta Band fans amongst us might find a pleasing groove here (lo and behold, I just looked at the press release and they get a mention so my ears must be doing something right). More than the middling music, it's the staid, gravel bland male vocals singing things like "bringing peace and joy / to all mankind" that make me grimace.

Second track, China White Doll starts off more promisingly, although my mind can't help conjuring mobile phone or car adverts set on roads cruising past wheat fields - you know the kind of acoustic guitar sound I mean. It picks up a far more vitalised pace towards the end rather than continuing to amble, before gliding gracefully into a pretty piano instrumental outro.

But overall, I just can't help feeling that I'm at a substandard gig by The Bees' cousins.