Christian Falk ft. Robyn - Dream On

Alex Skinner 24/11/2008

Rating: 4/5

On Dream On, Christian Falk enlists Swedish songbird Robyn to assist him in blasting some dreamy pop right into your tiny little minds. This deliciously electro-heavy track, laden with quality strings and synthed out hooks, is taken from Falk's 2006 album People Say.

That's right folks, it's certainly not a nightmare so dream on. Grammy-nominated sweety Robyn has been around for aaaaages, but despite being fully recognized worldwide she hasn't yet managed to break through to humongous status in the UK. We think this single will have a better chance at easing her nice image (face) into people's subconscious than her last releases though (and I'm sure appearing on 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' won't hurt either).

The lyrics are about people who are different in society, those who are often discriminated against or bullied, and ring true enough that they stick in the 'deep thought' section of your head. They are sung with the voice of a Swedish angel, which perfectly compliments pop-minstrel Christian Falk's charming slice of dance-pop production.

The single features eight full versions of the track, showing it's depth and varying range. Surely amongst all that there's room for a reggae version as well? Sadly not this time, but I like to think I'll get to hear it one day. Credible and catchy and in the shops on the 24th November.