Dirty Sanchez: The Movie: Trailer.

Bill Cummings 16/08/2006

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie is scheduled to hit cinemas in the UK on 15 September 2006. The film is a full-length version of the controversial MTV series of the same name. You know the one where three daredevil Welshmen (Pritchard, Dainton and Pancho) and their equally ballsy mate from London (Joyce)ape the Jackass formula, subjecting themselves to idiotic stunts in the name of comedy!?Don't take my word for it according to the blurb yeah get this, they are comedy genius'(haha!!) "THE MARX BROTHERS, BUSTER KEATON, CHARLIE CHAPLIN, LAUREL & HARDY - legendary clowns of the silver screen. Now get ready for four new legends bursting onto the silver screen: DAINTON, JOYCEY, PANCHO and PRITCHARD - aka DIRTY SANCHEZ. Get ready for a cinematic invasion of your senses - twisted humour at its best!"

According to the plot synopsis, on film they take their act to new levels of insane "madness" : "Dirty Sanchez: The Movie features such extreme stunts as: Pritchard's World Record attempt for paintgun hits to the naked torso, nostril supergluing, finger chopping, liposuction, tongue stapling, wasabi snorting, shin kicking, lady-boy guessing and shooting a BB gun into your own head. Dirty Sanchez: The Movie takes the Sanchez boys excruciatingly hilarious exploits to a new level. The Devil has rounded up the Sanchez boys to set them the ultimate challenge—to travel the world in search of the Seven Deadly Sins. The fearsome foursome are ordered to embark on a world tour, hitting England and Wales, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, where they will surrender themselves to the evils of sloth, anger, lust, envy, pride, gluttony and greed. Follow these heroes of depravity as they engage in a wide array of extreme stunts resulting in gruesomely outrageous comedy."

Watch the trailer here:
Dirty Sanchez Trailer

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie is directed by Jim Hickey and produced by Bobby Allen and Rupert Preston. Dirty Sanchez: The Movie is a Pathé Pictures presentation of a Vertigo Films and an MTV Films Europe Production.

Dirty Sanchez The Movie