Ringo Deathstar, Royal Treatment Plant, Clip Stamp Fold

Anthony Page 03/12/2010

Ringo Deathstarr may just be proof Myspace still plays an important role in modern music. Facebook and Twitter are the cool new kids on the block, but neither offer bands the sort of exposure that Myspace can, and it was thanks to Myspace I first stumbled across Ringo Deathstarr. I first found this wonderfully, or to be fair opinion varies annoyingly, named Texan three piece on Myspace about six, seven months ago, and have been raving about their garage inspired shoegazing sound to anyone who would listen. I've not been alone, touring with The Wedding Present, and praise from bands like And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, showing its not just me hooked by their sound.

The Old Blue Last was home to Ringo Deathstarr's first London headline show. Also on the bill, showcasing next years best new bands in the eyes of the promoters at least, are Royal Treatment Plant, RTP for short, and Clip Stamp Fold. RTP are a five piece, making a sweet chiming indie, that reminded me of a more meatier, full bodied take on the sort of sound made by great lost band Whistler. A handful of catchy tunes, and an onstage confidence that flows off stage, all goes to highlight RTP as a band worth keeping an eye on. To see if they can iron out the good tunes and turn them into great ones, and add a little more invention to the other less instant tunes, if they can then they might just be onto something.

With Clip Stamp Fold there was no doubt, theirs is the sound of something special. Making a haunting, intensely melancholic sound akin to The Walkmen, The Editors,
but with the joyously, epic guitar sounds that only early Interpol, and maybe even, though whisper it quietly, Joy Division, have managed to marry together successfully. Their lead singer dominates the microphone with an intense stare, and haunting vocal, surrounded by an incredibly tight band, who are able to lift the intensity and turn it into something life affirming. If Clip Stamp Fold stay unsigned for long the world will be a lot worse off.

Then came the moment I'd waited so long for, Ringo Deathstarr, and the chance to see if my non-stop hype was right. Thankfully it was, and then some, ripping through their set at break neck speed, barely stopping for between song breaks, it was as much a assault, though a wonderful one, as a set. Boasting the ear shredding volume of A Place To Bury Strangers, mixed with the garage hooks of The Vivien Girls and The Dum Dum Girls, and even while baseless, boasting two guitars, they are capable of boasting My Bloody Valentine style ethereal, haunting songs at intense volume. With bands like Place to Bury Strangers and Crocodiles gaining critical and mild commercial success, it seems Ringo Deathstarr are the next in line to lead the shoegaze charge. Their debut album is out around February it wont be long before people realize what I have known for months, Ringo Deathstarr are one of the most exciting bands for 2011.