Shin Jin Rui - Demo

Holly Barnes 31/07/2006

Rating: 3/5

As a first encounter with Newcastle three-piece Shin Jin Rui, you could do worse than this four-song demo; a surprisingly varied and confident record, it explains why the band have been making proverbial waves in their hometown and beyond.

We start off with the revivalist bluesy rock of 'Dirty Bomb', a la The Black Keys. It sounds a bit like the music of The Kinks 'All Day And All Of The Night' set to improv-style Mark E Smith vocals (The Fall are cited as an influence), with a memorable refrain of "tick tock". Far from the Eric Clapton brand of Blues rock that is all guitar virtuosity, Shin Jin Rui instead go for the primally energetic side of Blues, mixing it with the attitude and DIY-production values of Punk. But if you're expecting 'Dirty Bomb' to indicate the sound of the rest of the demo, you'd be not disappointed as such, but surprised to find it gets heavier from here on in. 'HMS Unable' sounds not dissimilar to defunct Welsh noisecore act McLusky- all slightly out of tune and sinister vocals, dirty bass and restless drums. The latter two tracks, 'Not Here' and 'Eternity Is Loaded' don't quite offer the vitality of the opening two and become a little turgid at times.

However, the live sound to the demo and the seamless blend of Blues, Rock, Punk and Metal suggest Shin Jin Rui could become very popular on the nationwide gig circuit. That is, if they step a little less in McLusky's shoes and stay firm to this DIY-production ethos.

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