Ida Maria - Drive Away My Heart

Dan Round 10/12/2007

Rating: 4/5

Ida Maria (technically the name of the band, although the female singer of the same name really does run the show, like PJ Harvey originally) are a thing of wonder. Having written several wild punk-poppers including “Louie”, a personal favourite of mine, and “Oh My God” which Ida claims to be “a song to have a panic attack to”, “Drive Away My Heart” is the band's first real commercial assault. It also happens to be the best thing the Scandinavian combo have done thus far.

“Fear is no longer in time/fear is no longer hangin' around” Ida states in the opening bars, before drums crash down and rhythmic guitars stomp in creating a layer of intense harmony. Topped with a sorrowful and at times a seemingly angry vocal, “Drive Away My Heart” is an absolute belter of a song. Written about “the darkest year of her life”, Ida and the band truly convey the passion with all the brute force intended.

B-side “Leave Me, Let Me Go” takes the band in a different direction. A slow paced ballad with quietly rattling drums and hushed guitars, the vocalist swoons her way soulfully as the song builds up. It sounds like Patti Smith retiring in a smoke filled jazz club.

Ida Maria craft fantastic indie-pop songs and their wacky perversity fuels a striking dynamic which really sets them apart from their peers. Next year's album should be something special.

Released 10th December.