Loci - Medic

Owain Paciuszko 17/02/2009

Rating: 4/5

Starting out with grumbling guitar into big meaty Foo Fighters territory, except slipping sweet and sultry female backing vocals into the mix alongside lead singer Ben Rosser's competent rock-vocal. Loci pull off the big rock sound with considerable success on this their second EP.

Second track Negatives brings Janet Jauregui's vocals into the mix a bit more, off-setting the The Smashing Pumpkins-ish rock sound a bit more and giving it a flavour of Garbage. Generally the influence of American rock bands pervades this Bristolian band's music, with riffs and hollers giving echo to Soundgarden whilst the more laidback moments take in the dirty-sexy feel of Sneaker Pimps.

The EP's finest moment comes on its penultimate track Sucker Punch which forges all the best elements that Loci has to offer, switching from fast paced and catchy to introspective and dark with a musical flair akin to Queens of the Stone Age going a bit prog-rock. Signing out on a guitar sound fittingly (for this record) sounding like an ambulance's siren.