The Violets - Descend


Rating: 3/5

The latest limited edition 7” single from Angular hopefuls “The Violets” is another reminder of the continuing influence of post punk on the current generation of guitar toting hopefuls. On 'A' side “Descend” vocalist Alexis wails like a young, purposeful Siouxsie Sioux searching in vain for something remotely tuneful amongst a barrage of distorted guitars seemingly set to destroy. No doubt this all sounds quite impressive in London's less salubrious venues, unfortunately on record it comes across as little more than a spirited attempt at reinvigorating the corpse of punk circa '77/78'. Flip side “Carnival” is infinitely more impressive by contrast kicking off with some fantastic tribal-esque drumming before exploding into life with the kind of splenetic guitar work Nick Zinner (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) would be proud of. If The Violets can develop further in this direction they could become quite an exciting prospect.