The Hours - Come On

Dan Round 17/07/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

This April saw the return of The Hours - and tragically their infamous (horrific) skull artwork - with the release of the band's second album “See the Light”. “Come On” is the third track on that record, and also the third single to be lifted from the album. With an ambitious brass-filled intro, “Come On” begins promisingly but the song fails to really take-off in the epic manner that the first few instrumental strains hint at. A piano-led attempt at the anthemic, “Come On” nevertheless plods along without really going anywhere exciting. The song is incredibly “pretty” and “nice” sounding with Martin Slattery's tinkering keys and Antony Genn's tuneful vocal, but for two former bandmates of Joe Strummer, it seems a long way from The Mescaleros' rock'n'roll edge or indeed the elation of impressive former single “Ali in The Jungle”. Not bad, but it's just all a bit too middle of the road.

Released: 13/07/2009