David Rainger - The Short But Astonishing Electro-scratch Guitar World Of

Michael James Hall 01/05/2009

Rating: 0/5

Would you like to hear a story? Then we'll begin.

A man likes Tom Morello off Rage Against the Machine (and to a lesser extent, Audioslave).

One day something, some unutterable demon or, perhaps, sorcerer possesses this man. Said man then records and releases an entire album of him playing a guitar a bit like Tom Morello.

Off Rage Against the Machine.

And to a lesser extent, Audioslave.

There the story should end.

But no, it goes on.

Through some evil, twisted quirk of fate I, Michael James Hall, listen to the aforementioned record.

My personal safety, though, is not important right now.

If we all pray together we can remove the seed of Satan from Mr Rainger through the words of this review.

Demon, I cast thee Out!

Now you say it.