OGB - Easy Life

Emily Tartanella 22/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

Sincerity is all well and good, but is a little ironic detachment too much to ask for? Call it a problem with modern society, but sometimes our tendency to take earnestness for granted isn't exactly a sin. Take OGB for example. While “Easy Life” has a soaring, uplifting style to it akin to a less pretentious Creed, it ultimately can't sustain the rest of this short collection, which gets bogged down under its own heaviness. “Make You Proud” is a painfully dull piece of work, with vocals verging on the histrionic without ever making the full jump to cheese. As for “Broken Bones,” well, at least it has an intriguing intro. The problem is that there's no flow, no style, no spirit. In all sincerity.