Colourmusic, Them Squirrels, Hedluv + Passman, The Weather In Sweden, Arrows of Love - Tips for 09: Part Five

Owain Paciuszko 02/03/2009

In (possibly) our final set of tips for 09(it's March already!), we give you GIITTV unsigned sub editor Owain Paciuszko's hand picked Tips for the Top Two Thousand and Nine.


aka. 'The Band I Won't Stop Plugging', Colourmusic deserve to be huge, their album is one of the most accomplished, infectious, uplifting, exciting and magical records I've heard in ages and there isn't a dud track on it. 2009 should see them continuing to tour like demons and, hopefully, finally realise their oft-delayed plans of visiting the UK (where one of their number is from). I implore you to get to their MySpace, get their album and say 'I was there second, after Owain!'

Them Squirrels

Cardiff's almighty wonky-pop outfit Attack + Defend are on hiatus this year, playing one gig in support of their second LP 'Theme'. But that doesn't mean you won't be hearing any noises from the brothers Thomas, going seperate ways or reforming in various guises; e.g. the Attack + Defend + Los Campesinos! + Picturebooks In Winter = Crimesss. The band's drummer, co-vocalist, occasional guitarist JT has been beavering away on his solo-project Them Squirrels an avant-garde, surreal pop journey down the rabbit hole that is both beguiling and accessible; the MySpace features an array of tracks from his debut EP and a knock-out cover of Joanna Newsom's 'Book of Right On'.

Hedluv + Passman

Officially adding co-rapper Passman to his title Cornwall's finest comic-Casio-rap-nostalgia export will be playing at Glastonbury this year and this'll hopefully bring some attention to his lovingly crafted, wittily rhymed tales of Nintendo, P.E. reports and just lying about in the garden. Hedluv's debut mini-album 'Cosmic Sounds' was one of the gems of last year, featuring some truly standout tracks of misty-eyed whimsy and surprisingly nod-a-long-able beats.

The Weather In Sweden

Hopefully finding a label for their album 'I Break The Ice, I Broke Your Heart' in '09 (a record I foolishly only gave 4/5) The Weather In Sweden craft some of the greatest, post-teen-movie pop anthems you could imagine. Every song demands a montage of angsty rebellion, nerdy success, jocks finding their sensitive side or, er, Molly Ringwald, Beyond that the songs are just plain brilliantly told tales and wry observations on modern life, quirks and foibles sung with wonderfully crooked English and a knack for spine-tingling hooks and melodies.

Arrows of Love

Forming from the ashes of the marvellous epic-folk band Hush The Many (Heed the Few), Arrows of Love springboard off of the cacophony that HTM (HTF) would often climax with and soar. I guess they're kind of folk-punk and are taking things easy and tentatively, but it seems like only a matter of time before they explode and their grand, crashing, emotionally charged sound gets some love in return.