Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest

Bill Cummings 13/12/2006

Thamesbeat pioneer Jamie T Releases his new single 'Calm Down Dearest' on the 15th of Jan. It will be followed by his debut album 'Panic Prevention' Jan 29th 2007

Don't be fooled by his MC like moniker. Jamie T is a tall, skinny lad from the south-west London suburb of Wimbledon, influenced as much by The Clash, Tom Waits, Rancid and The Specials as the drum'n'bass and garage that surrounded him while growing up.

Armed only with an acoustic bass guitar, a teenage Jamie T begun playing the backrooms of pubs in Soho and Twickenham, playing his solo show of tales of life in identikit suburbia and what it is to be a young man growing up in 1990s Britain . Apparently The Jamie T live experience "was akin to the troubadour spirit of the American folkies of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan colliding headlong with true English gents like Paul Weller, Billy Bragg and Elvis Costello, with a few pills and cans of Stella to loosen the creative juices.

Aged just 20, Jamie's debut album is according to this here press release is: "a mad scramble of sonic diary entries about his recent experiences, and those of his mates. Called 'Panic Prevention' - after the series of mixtapes and club nights he has put on - it's a record which depicts a blurry, boozy, chaotic world that's instantly recognisable as the same one reported about in concerned TV news features from Britain 's teen-alcoholic-strewn small towns. And quite unapologetically, the young Mr T is much closer to the reportees than the reporters. 'Panic Prevention' was largely written and recorded in Jamie's bedroom. It features twelve tracks, including his recent hit single 'If You Got The Money' which reached no.13 in the charts." It also includes his third single 'Calm Down Dearest' which will be released on January 15th. 'Calm Down Dearest' is a softer moment for Jamie, although on closer listen you'll realise it's a plea to a friend to “stop racking and stacking those lines” and to “calm down dearest”. Available on CD and two 7”s, 'Calm Down Dearest' will also be available as a download on www.jamiet.com. Anyone who pre-orders the track will be also be able to preview album tracks from the date of the single release. In addition to this, I-Tunes will be offering an exclusive version of 'Calm Down Dearest' recorded at Jamie's recent sold out show at Scala. Watch the video below:

Calm Down Dearest (VIDEO) author: Jamie T:
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