The Hazey Janes - Fire In The Sky

Dan Round 03/09/2006

Rating: 3/5

Judging from their booking as support for Snow Patrol in October at the Meadowbanks Stadium, the record companies must be getting a buzz off the Hazey Janes' summery, radio-friendly, folky-pop sounds. The next Magic Numbers? Very possibly.

As the powerful drum-roll leads into the upbeat Fire In The Sky, you find yourself singing along to the singer's finely pitched voice, and the sharp folky music provides the perfect, abrasive pop song for 2006's alternative pallet. The following Meet On The Ledge is a cover of an old Richard Thompson song from 1969, and with a fresh arrangement it makes for pleasant listening. The additional female vocals too give the song a very different feel to its predecessor. Track 3, Love Is Gold begins gently before building up with instrumental layering and the sweeping music with dominant backing harmonies typify the Hazey Janes sound. While it's nothing compared to the A-side and with several plays could be perceived as too nice, it is further proof that the band could quite easily be equally suited to playing to stadiums as they are playing to smaller venues.

Bring on the Meadowbanks, and watch out Snow Patrol because they could just steal the show from underneath your feet. On this evidence, the Hazey Janes' breezy, calming, folky sounds could well lead to success; they have a bright future ahead of them.

Released on download, 16th October.