Craig Campbell

Joe Coyle 31/01/2011

GIITTV's Joe Coyle managed to grab a few minutes with Craig Campbell before he embarks on his Debut national tour.

CRAIG is typically dressed in his beloved 'I love cheese' t-shirt (synthetic and a bit wiffy) and a khaki (undercover police concealment) shorts number, sometimes substituted for leather trousers, the strapping ex-athlete commands his stages with vigor. As an instinctive entertainer, CRAIG brings his characteristic wit, talkative charm and animated manner to stories about his travels; befriending the audience with accents and boisterous reenactments.

Hi Craig. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A burning desire to see where the madness we're witnessing on our planet at the moment will lead to. A morbid curiosity keeps this Salmon swimming against the crazy ass never ending current of life. Oh and pride and love for the Chick-itos!

How long does it take you to put a show together from genesis to execution?

My performances constantly change in relation to when the ideas in them were first conceived. Some ideas grow, I love it when they do and that's great but some die and when that happens it's sad, but that's life Bucko so suck it the feck up!

How easy is it to collaborate with other comedians?

Outside of ensemble shows very difficult given my remote choice of home but the pluses of that remoteness are too splendid to surrender. I'm on tour with Glenn Wool and Phil Nichol in Canada at the mo and we're bouncin' comedy off each other like nuts off a saddle.

What were your highlights of 2010?

120 dates opening for Frankie Boyle was pretty f'in awesome as was taping MM's Comedy Roadshow in August, earning my Private Pilots night rating in Nov' rock-a-doodle-dooed a wee bit also!

How did you become a comedian?

The other options were and are too grim to contemplate.

What does 2011 hold for you?

All the secrets of eternal life! Or likely more of the same, making folks laugh!

Who do you see as your contemporaries? Can you give us a comedian you think will be big in 2011?

Comedians are as varied as snowflakes and I wouldn't wish to insult any by presuming them as equals to my lowly self. Couldn't guess who'll gain success in 2011 but would guarantee it'll be someone who's been kicking comedy ass in obscurity for yonks!

How tightly scripted is your show? And how much does improvisation play a part in your comedy?

Not very. Many acts have humour that is greatly enhanced by precision, Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr for example; my act isn't one of them. I like to play my script within the audience because I believe that's where my deepest laughs are cultivated. Only a theory but it's all mine Sugar Tits and I'm stickin' with it!

Who is your favourite comedian?

I don't favour playing favourites. Comedians are in a business that presents a version of their life, usually a grossly distorted version, as product and for that reason I'm wary of picking favourites. Comedy itself (thankf'ck) is all around us and it's for that which I keep my eyes open. P.S. Louis CK often makes a little pee-pee squeak out the end of my man mast.

Do you have a favourite joke?

Yes. If so what is it? We're all going to die.

What does a working comedian's life consist of?

Perpetual overcompensation of insecurities.

How does your nationality affect the subject matter of your

By providing the starting point of my perspective, gross apathy coupled with unquantifiable misunderstanding.

Thanks to Craig from giving us time from his busy schedule to talk to us at GIITTV

Craig Campbell will begin his nationwide tour on February 22nd. For further information and dates near you see Craig's website: