Lily Allen - The Fear

Rhian Daly 25/02/2009

Rating: 3/5

After what seems like an eternity away from music, you might have been starting to think your prayers had been answered and Ms Allen had hung up her microphone for good. Just as you think that all is well and good with the world, she reappears with no warning whatsoever. You hear her name on the radio as the DJ introduces the track and reach to switch off but, for some reason, pause for just a second before doing so. And what you hear isn't so bad, actually. It's in the upper echelons of Lily's catalogue that's for sure. Concerned mostly with satirising people's hunger for fame and how they go about achieving their celebrity statuses, it's not breaking new ground or telling you anything you don't already know. It's catchy, without being annoyingly so and the lyrics are just on the right side of simple for it not to be too dumb. Lily might be taken over by 'The Fear' but we're starting to feel a little less apprehensive about listening to her.