Tahiti 80 - The Past, The Present and the Possible

Alex Yau 05/01/2011

Rating: 4/5

Rising from the avante garde boutiques, the artisan coffee shops and the quaint galleries is a French band that ironically is not Phoenix. Where Phoenix showers you overwhelmingly with their eclectic palette of synth filled pop, there is a band that does it in a much more subtle way. Their style is perhaps more fitting of the French streets. A style and image that is rather quaint highlighting the whimsical air of the Parisian cityscape. They say some of the finer things are best found in the most unexpected places and whilst some may see them lurking behind Phoenix's shadow, it's this modesty that adds the charm to Tahiti 80.

You would be forgiven if you don't know much about this band. Forming in 1993 and having a handful of albums and EP's, Tahiti 80 is a band that has stayed out of the spotlight for a while. Known for their optimistic, psychedelic pop, The Past, The Present and the Possible displays many of these hallmarks. With the involvement of Tony Lash (Wallpaper for the soul and Axe Riverboy) and Tore Johansson (The Cardigans and Franz Ferdinand) mixing it, this is a record displays qualities of sunshine like pop. This is a record that speaks 80's nostalgia. From the shimmering fading dream like synths of Want Some? to the fluctuating club like bass of Darlin,'
this is a record that Ferris Bueller would probably wake up to.

Whilst The Past, The Present and the Possible is still a very accessible pop album, it is Tahiti 80's most complex work to date. They've taken the radiant psychedelia and shimmering bubble gum pop of previous records and added to it. Rather than shower you with all their finer and shimmering qualities in one go, Tahiti 80 are now a band who builds you up. Solitary Bizness puts you in a hypnotic trance of euphoria before
the overall thrill. It's a nice juxtaposition overall and you'll be glad the band have kept you secured before bringing out the more exhilarating songs.

The Past, The Present and the Possible works because it knows when to stop and when to carry on. The record is down to earth and opens up to you at a perfect pace. If this were a marathon race, The Past, The Present and the Possible would be the
embodiment of how to do it right.