Ice Cube - Laugh Now Cry Later

Jimmy Savage 27/07/2006

Rating: 5/5

Arrogance annoys me when it comes from people who have nothing to back up, especially after reading the Razorlight press release that came in this same package proclaiming their latest effort the "best guitar album since Definitely Maybe". Please f**k off: what was 'Definitely Maybe' the best guitar album since? Hanson's 'Mmmbop'? Go back to your mansion in Surrey, marketing scum. But when it come from Ice Cube it is totally justified. From his roots with the groundbreaking NWA through to the hilarious Friday, Ice Cube is the only person in the world who could pull off his name.

The album itself has everything you want from a rap record, even without the necessary herbage it still works well. His torrent of attack on rich-boy fake rappers is as funny as it is accurate. The clich├ęd-but-brilliant "Smoke Some Weed" will leave you yearning to do just that. This is hip hop that is actually about real things that go on in savage situations. It will have your local wiggaz confused and wondering where the booty and the Bentleys have gone. That's without even mentioning the Snoop collaboration. Cube's vicious attempt to prove to people that he hasn't sold out despite the arse wash that a was "Next Friday" has worked, and I'll bet 28.3 Pence (or what ever his name is) this isn't top notch.