C.S.I Vegas Season 10 DVD

Joe Coyle 07/02/2011

Rating: 4/5

Season 10 of C.S.I also now known as C.S.I Las Vegas is the first season to rest squarely on the shoulders of series newcomer Laurence Fishburne following the departure of William Petersen after 193 episodes.

With appoximately 74 million viewers worldwide for each new episode C.S.I is the worlds most popular show and not without good reason. Expertly written, inventive and always ready to throw a welcome suprise at various junctures.

As you would expect season 10 doesn't differ greatly in terms of tone or content from previous seasons. That said C.S.I always remains a solidly watchable high quality drama. From an acting stand point previous oscar nominee Fishburne banishes any lingering memories we have for William Petersen and establishes himself quickly and centrally to the cast and by the end of season 10 you can't image the show without him.

The season starts off with a two and a half minute bullet time sequence (no doubt paying homage to Fishburne's time in the Matrix movie trilogy) in which the lab is being attacked. It is a stylish and well executed start to the series and sets a standard for the season which doesn't drop. There is very little character development outside the main plots, occassionally the episodes blur into one but with production values this high they seem minor complaints

The main plot details of season 10 are the team still recovering from the departure of Grissom and trying to decide if Ray Langston (Fishburne) is to be trusted after the dramatic end to season 9. Head of department Catherine sees her leadership style criticised and the team begins a cat and mouse game with serial killer Dr Jekyll.

Always as enjoyable as improbable C.S.I season 10 does exactly what it says on the tin.