One Night Only - You And Me

Paul Cook 19/10/2007

Rating: 3/5

Providing support on the Pigeon Detectives' sold out UK tour, One Night Only release their debut single 'You and Me.' Full of poppy, indie energy and charming vocals from front man George Craig, 'You and Me' is an enjoyable and enthusiastic, if slightly repetitive, debut single from the Helmsley 5-piece.

Typically upbeat drums and a rough, dirty guitar riff provide a solid basis for the more playful aspects of the song. An unusual jazzy piano slap bang in the middle of the track slows things down for an instant before the up-tempo chorus of 'you and me quality/that's how it should be you and me' is repeated a few dozen more times. Unfortunately this is the track's main let down. The cheery chorus is enjoyable at first but overly repeated it becomes somewhat of a monotony and a complete put-off for repeat listening. However, the instrumentals and quality of the vocals are promising and with a slightly more intelligent, ambitious song 'One Night Only' sound capable of producing some catchy pop-rock numbers in the future.

Released 29/10/2007

Watch the videohere.