Parka - Better Anyway

Angus Reid 24/04/2008

Rating: 0/5

Jeepster has found a few decent bands over the years, and now this esteemed indie label brings us the joy of Parka. I use the term "joy" very loosely indeed - this is horrible. Parka have come up with a song here that starts, goes thump-thump-thump-thump for two minutes, then ends. In between precisely nothing of any interest happens, though there is a chorus in the pub chant style so favoured by the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs.

The video features the band having enforced fun in Blackpool. They are seen larking on a pier, drinking cheap lager hidden in paper bags from an offie, getting novelty photos done and other 'japes'. If this sounds like your cup of tea so far, you might want to contact God and ask for a refund on your soul as it's obviously broken somewhere along the line. Make no mistake, this is stale, predictable, A&R wet dream music with no redeeming features whatsoever. I'd say that at least it ends quickly, but The Damned's "New Rose" ends much quicker and is a far superior song. Remember kids, this is 3 minutes of your life you'll never get back, best not to even chance it, just avoid this slice of audio-rape like the plague it rightly is.

Stars? STARS???? No chance.

Released: 21/04/08