Jim Jefferies : Alcoholocaust DVD

Joe Coyle 22/11/2010

Rating: 4/5

*Alcoholocaust: (Meaning: The aftermath of a drinking party, usually resulting in every available horizontal surface being covered in empty booze containers, spilled beverages, and a general sticky alcoholic residue.)

Now this DVD is much funnier than it really should be. Provocatively misogynistic, UN PC, off colour, filled with foul mouthed rants. Jim will vocalize anything without the fear of reprisal. No topic is out of bounds.

Brutally frank holding out for laughs at any expense, Jefferies with his drunken Aussie drawl spins his yarns expertly. Jim's delivery and professional astute analysis of his subjects whilst not for the feint hearted are often side splittingly funny. Quite often you find yourself feeling slightly unclean laughing at some of Jefferies jokes.

Jim remains as unapologetic as ever as his aim is taken at increasingly close to the bone topics as the difference between homosexual men and lesbians, the holocaust and his own depression in relation to the third world.

Jefferies piece de resistance comes in the last 30 minutes with a rich, warm and touching tale about a childhood friend with muscular dystrophy and their visit to a brothel together. Crossing every bad taste boundary with glee, Jim manages to construct a life affirming story filled to the brim with humanity lacking in any kind of sentimentality and it is testament to his skills as a comedian that this story is a triumphant as it is.

The incendiary nature of the topics and delivery will definitely not be to everyone's taste but the show is expertly crafted and filled with laughs. Never going for the cheap laugh Jefferies manages to pull the show together for a satisfying conclusion. Jim maybe wrong in nearly every way but he is also very funny.

This “Alcoholcaust” leaves you feeling slightly grubby but Jefferies humanity pulls you through.