George Michael - STAR STORIES

Bill Cummings 18/09/2006

George Michael: Watch without Prejudice Vol. 1 September 22nd Channel 4

From the makers of the award-winning Peep Show(one of our favourite comedies of the last few years) comes Star Stories a new comedy series that gleefully presses its nose against the steamy window of fame. Recreating the bust-ups, love-ins and fall-outs of major league celebrities, Apparently "Star Stories is a hilarious romp through the stories behind the tabloid splashes. George Michael (Kevin Bishop) acts as guide and reveals the "truth" about his life, loves, music and rivalry with Boy George (Steve Edge). How did Andrew Ridgley (Rhys Thomas) give him the confidence to form WHAM? How did he get along with his other Live Aid artists and why does he have so many car crashes? What part did Elton John (Matt King) play in his success? What did George do for those five silent and desolate years? And how did a chance encounter in a public toilet finally make him realise he was a bit gay?

The cast include Matt King, Kevin Bishop, Daisy Beaumont, Olly Maltman, Laura Patch, Alice Lowe and Harry Peacock.Star Stories will raise laughs and ruffle feathers in equal measure. Celebrities beware!"

You can watch the exclusive trailer here:

George Michael Trailer