North Atlantic Oscillation - Drawing Maps From Memory

Tiffany Daniels 08/06/2010

Rating: 1/5

On July 14th 2009, Owl City made a break for stardom with their single 'Fireflies' - not nearly as original as many would have you believe, the song is a standard rip-off of The Postal Service, minus the charms of its fore bearers. Despite this unenviable description, from that day forth it has become fashionable for Hip Young Things to tamper with their vocals until they resemble a Cyborg having an intellectual breakdown. Unfortunately for North Atlantic Oscillation their single 'Drawing Maps from Memory' falls into that bracket harder than a rock thrown from a very great height.

The epic riff that fades in to open the track echoes the stadium rock of every band who ever made it from their garage to the front cover of the NME; the before mentioned distorted vocals shimmer over the top of the bold instrumentation like it somehow fits: it really doesn't. It's the sound of an arrogant, once-shy Sixth Former gone crazy in the tattoo parlour before hitting the most expensive of Shoreditch bars - North Atlantic Oscillation will surely fall into a vat of abandonment any day now. The sad thing is, they never got to prove themselves beforehand.

Release Date: Out Now