The Splendour - Audio

Helen Newbery 05/05/2008

Rating: 4/5

This is the first single from Brighton-based The Splendour, and initial impressions are that they are very much in the Strokes-meets-Franz Ferdinand camp. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, just not particularly original. And then the chorus kicks in: and what a monster it is. Guaranteed to have you humming for days afterwards, its slightly discordant harmonies burrow their way deep into your brain. The single crashes out most convincingly, and at 3 and a half minutes, it doesn't outstay its welcome either. B-side 'Put Me Into Bed' feels even more like Franz Ferdinand, albeit a sleazier version that wouldn't be invited to tea: “My eyes like broken windows / my heart in splinters…so take me home and put me into bed”. And if anything, it's even better than the A-side. So, neither of the tracks here are going to change the world, or, more pertinently, invent any new musical genres, but they do offer well-crafted pop songs with a seedy edge.

Release Date: 26.05.08