Mono Taxi - How You Gonna Feel About This?

Rhian Daly 09/03/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Oh my word, it's the nineties again AND I LOVE IT. Starting off like some sweet indiepop lullaby, half-French, half-English Mono Taxi's How You Gonna Feel About This? suddenly takes an unexpected diversion with stomping guitars and Garbage-esque “yeah, yeah”s. So, it's not wholly original, following a fairly standard quiet verse-loud chorus structure but when you've got a song as feel-good and fun as this, does it matter?

Retro (can we call the nineties retro yet or is that a bit premature?) in all the right ways, How You Gonna Feel About This? looks best filed alongside Shirley Manson's gang, Elastica and Powder. Summery, powerful, feminine-fronted indie at it's best.