She Keeps Bees - Revival

Miss Fliss 20/07/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Revival sums itself up - nodding towards that early 2000s rush of grinding garage rock acts from the USA. The Kills with their battered bluesy guitar screaming out. The White Stripes and their woebegone howling and bare bones of guitar/drums. That scratchy basement sound, lacking in bass, driven only by simplest means. This stripped down set up can work (The Kills were fun and vivifying for a while), but She Keeps Bees vocalist Jessica Larrabee grates. If the thought of sitting through an entire Cat Power album sets your teeth on edge, this is far more agonising. It's what Mark E Smith would probably refer eloquently to as 'a load of moaning old rubbish'. Moreover, as I was getting towards saying, we've just no need for this blues/garage/racket's revival.