OK Go - Here It Goes Again

Graham Slee 26/09/2006

Rating: 4/5

With its endlessly watchable accompanying video infesting the internet like ants on a jam sandwich at a picnic, OK Go's synchronised treadmilling is in danger of eclipsing the single itself. Whoever said guitar band choreography was dead? But while 'Here It Goes Again', from sophomore long player Oh No, is not quite as infectious musically as visually, it's still as catchy as Velcro underpants on a grizzly bear. A slick slice of undemanding upbeat powerpop with guitars that punch and stab (but in a nice cuddly sort of way), there is something undeniably Weezeresque about it all. Damian Kulash's vocals, almost unintelligible in the verses, frantic in the choruses, display a hint of early Elvis Costello, and the whole thing rattles along amiably like Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm smitten.