Hot Chip, Good Shoes, Efterklang, The Pipettes, Julian Casablancas - Singles Round-Up 19/04/2010

Rhian Daly 21/04/2010

Alright, readers? For one week only I'm taking over the singles fort from my cosy long-player nest as champion Singles Ed Simon Jay Catling is busy to the absolute max, undoubtedly doing lots of super and exciting things. Normal service shall resume shortly but for now, you'll just have to put up with my ramblings. Sorry.

Lucky for both your sanity and your wallet, there's a bit of a lull in decent singles releases this week, possibly due to everyone putting their efforts into all the brills things released for Record Store Day on Saturday. Still, we there is a handful of aural wonderfulness to be explored, so let's get to it.

Eugene & the Lizards - Bug Juice

“Gone are the twee acoustics and witty poeticisms, back are the flamboyant shrills and whoops: single 'Bug Juice' holds lyrics that are nearly inaudible due to the many colloquialisms and characteristically unrestrained vocals, and b-side 'I Want Action' borders on insane.” For Tiffany Daniels' full review, go

Silver Columns - Cavalier

“Now revealed to be the joint workings of Adem and The Pictish Trail, the duo a forging a path for intelligent, infectious dance music that doesn't rely on old, rehashed tricks to get under the skin.” Read more (here)

You Me At Six

“it's generic and lifeless, full of fist-pumping stadium vibes that makes 13 year old girls in patterned hoodies who dream of being Hayley Williams scream until their vocal chords leap out of their throats and hop off to somewhere they'll be treated more considerately.” For further reaction, go (here)

And now, on with the rest. From across the Atlantic, Strokes man Julian Casablancas has thrust upon us a live version of '11th Dimension', taken from his mildly received debut solo album Phrazes For The Young. J Cas (as the tabloids are sure to be calling him if The Strokes ever get around to finishing their fourth record) is in fine form here, on one of the standout tracks of the LP. There's added energy and oomph being as it is from a live show and that.

Something with a lot less oomph is the new Pipettes single 'Stop The Music'. Since they burst onto the scene back in the day in their matching polka dot dresses and singing songs about the alphabet, The Pipettes have turned into a right old indie version of Sugababes. With Rosay now going by the less skin-crawling name of Rose Elinor Dougall and Riot Becki doing something, somewhere, Gwenno is the only original member left standing. Even drummer Robin of Loxley aka East End gad-about-town Joe Lean finds more interest in still not releasing an album than keeping rhythm anymore. And you can see why before you get even halfway through 'Stop The Music' - a far cry from the riotous squeals of 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me', Gwenno doesn't even sound like she gives a damn.

Elsewhere, Efterklang release 'I Was Playing Drums' on the fabulous 4AD, backed with 'Me Me Me The Brick House' and a video featuring lots of coloured rope. Diana Vickers also launches her bid at credibility this week with 'Once', which sounds like what I imagine her old X Factor/Pop Idol/Whatever The Flip It Is material is, except with some synths and other COOL THINGS haphazardly dotted about the place. In short, it is the aural equivalent of me rolling my eyes in a very exaggerated manner.

Morden's finest Good Shoes are back back back as well, this time actually charging you money for the pleasure of owning 'The Way My Heart Beats'. Not sure how good a plan that is, given that they let the world and its mother download it for absolutely nada a short while ago but still. This time around it comes with three extra lovely new songs and a video of them playing upside down, which is just all kinds of cute.

But now, the moment you've all been waiting for... the Single of the Week! In my eternal wisdom, I have opted not to wind everyone up and go for N-Dubz (mainly because they wear bad hats and are generally rubbish) but the wonderful, superfantastisch, electro geek superstars Hot Chip. Heaped with all kinds of R&B slickness, 'I Feel Better' still manages to retain that distinctive HC sound under all the auto tune and fancy production techniques, mainly due to Alexis Taylor's beautiful, tremulous vocals. Will they ever set a foot wrong? It remains to be seen but I highly doubt it. Long live Hot Chip.

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

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