Depot - I Said When EP

Thomas 06/08/2006

Rating: 3/5

It's fair to say that there's a lot of young pups making Monkeys-esque indie rock around the land right now, and inevitably, here are some more. Still, despite your reviewer being only able to access two of the EP's four tracks, it's enough to deduce that there's adequate promise here to make the demo-quality recording an irrelevance.

It's hard to tell exactly what the songs are about such is the poor recording on the vocals, but the listener is admonished not to waste money on “cheap Polish beer”, which is sound advice if nothing else. 'Europa' kicks off with a squiggle of guitar instantly reminiscent of 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' by The Libertines, and features a swooning, swaggering breakdown straight from the same band's bag of tricks. Drummer Kiran powers both songs along competently and Jamie's surprisingly soulful blasts of lead guitar in 'I Said When' show a player with an impressive range, however singer Emmett's rhythm guitar - cheap and barely in tune - is something that'll undeniably need work before their next release.

It's easy to forgive the band for their faults though, as Depot are fifteen friggin' years old and - judging from the spelling on their Myspace - about to fail GCSE English very, very badly. Though judging by both their grasp of song structure, even at this early stage, and their gig schedule, they've got enough going for them not to care.

Depot are supported and promoted by Broken Records

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