Time. Space. Repeat. - GIITTV Singles Club First Release - FREE NOW!

Bill Cummings 25/10/2007

GIITTV singles club releases Time. Space. Repeat. - “The End Of The World” as a free download single (download below)

New single “The End of the World” sees Time. Space. Repeat. step up and produce their most accessible song to date, combining the emotional ferocity of Six. By Seven with the widescreen stargazing of My Bloody Valentine, and it's everything that shoegaze should have been the first time round. With epic, fuzzy guitars, arching melodies and a real knowledge of what makes music work that borders on the obsessive, Time. Space. Repeat. are ready to take the world on a journey through the universe and back, and show the Nu-Gaze imitators how to combine noise and tunes in equal measure.

Out today as the first in a series of download releases from the GIITTV singles club comes “The End of the World” by Time.Space.Repeat available now as a free download here:


After a period of exclusivity to GIITTV members, we've now decided to unleash the wonderously building b-side “No Laces” as a free mp3 too.



"Taking parts from My Bloody Valentine, Six By Seven and with a hint of Mansun 'End of the World' takes you on an epic journey; with every change in melody it turns you around a corner, only to create a vast and endless soundscape in front of you. With a touch of Paul Draper like vocal delivery this 6 minute song gently glides you along until the eruption 4 and a half minutes in, then near silence, lulling you into a false sense of security it then explodes into a cascade of crashing guitar, abstract melodies and suffocating vocals. If there really is a shoe-gaze movement going on, then Time. Space. Repeat. are definitely the torch bearers and with God Is In The TV Zine releasing this as a free download, you cannot go wrong." Artrocker

"Two track download only single from London's rapidly developing Time.Space.Repeat (and from the God Is In The TV zine people as well, nice one). Lead track of two is a glorious slice of sky touching shoe-gaizing post-rock flavoured levitation that comes laced with just the right amount of edgy tight-rope walking tension and uncertainty - will we get to the end of the world or? Six minutes of uplifting hope and spiraling drama and it clearly can't be the end? No, not when creation like this - joyous and hopeful - ok, lazy one liner: Radiohead on a happy day - hey, you've got your new Radiohead album for 50p or whatever you paid, now treat yourself to this and get to a T.S.R gig, they're rather excellent live as well. Second track here is a fine fine piece of dramatic quietness and mellow beauty called No Laces, two very fine tracks from a very fine band with a very fine attitude and a clear love for their art and music in general, a refreshing and recommended band who exist for all the right reasons." ORGAN ART

"Londoners Time. Space. Repeat. are responsible for some of the most touching drone tinged rock n roll I've heard in ages...“End of the World” is like an Ian McCulloch penned anthem for a post-apocalyptic 28 Days Later landscape." Treblezine

" 'The End of The World' sounds like an Explosions in the Sky Cover, but then again, doesn't everything? TEOTW is a rather good stab at a radio-friendly MBV-esque track, but it doesn't sell itself out with cheap chromatic choruses in G-Major which is the one thing threatening to become the albatross of the genre. TSR are a band with high integrity and an ear for catchy hooks and beats on the right side of commercial. I would like to hear their music played against a backdrop of civil war and social disharmony as those are the images press-ganged into my brain when I hear this song. " Audiojunkies