Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest

Matt Harrold 29/12/2006

Rating: 5/5

Another night out on the town and another session of binge drinking in middle class Suburbia, like there's no tomorrow and your liver doesn't just need to be punished but annihilated. In just over four and half minutes of wasted pop-perfection Jamie T manages to lay claim to the crowns of indie hip and Mike Skinner's street creed. Coming out over the chilled back beats with stabs of sampled strings Jamie's trick is not only to be able to meld about a million different genres at once but lyrically sprinkle it with those moments in time that everyone can relate too, indie kids and chavs alike.

From being hugely pissed off at some unseen cause of annoyance down the local club “I don't get no fights when I get angry drunk/Sit down in the corner, man, I'll soak my fuckin' socks off “. To possibly the best lead up to any chorus this side of the 21st century, an ode to some arsehole getting put back in their place with an almighty ”Who the f**k are you?”, before slamming straight into a chorus so blatantly referencing those toilet seat white lines that it'll be a miracle if it gets played on radio at all. 'Calm Down Dearest'? More likely it'll have a thousand young women throwing themselves at the barriers at future gigs.