Jonah Matranga - Not About A Girl Or A Place

Duncan Bradley 29/01/2008

Rating: 4/5

Having shared his talents with the likes of Thursday, Fort Minor and Frank Turner to name but a few, Jonah Matranga needs absolutely no introduction. Though I'll give him one, regardless - for those of you who are hoping that his name has been misspelt as you've not the slightest inkling as to who he is:-

Jonah Matranga is the brains, voice and guitar behind or, in fact, inside the music of onelinedrawing, Far, New End Original and, most recently, Gratitude. Since appearing in such outfits as these, Matranga has made an escape as a solo artist and has maintained the professionalism and individuality that made him popular in the early nineties.

'Not About A Girl Or A Place' is the second single to be taken from Matranga's current album, 'And', and is confirmation that his passionate and enthusiastic style remains intact. The track is loyal to a genre that Matranga has helped to sculpt in years gone by and its perfection in this light demonstrates a celebration of his past achievements.

While Matranga's unique sound remains influential and harmless, it also is likely to concede criticisms directed at its lack of progression. Matranga's music is no longer breaking boundaries or reaching new levels but it still earns satisfaction among his listeners - an audience that shows no signs of breaking down any time soon.