You Me At Six - Liquid Confidence

Rhian Daly 19/04/2010

Rating: 1.5/5

“If one drink can make tonight slip my mind/Then I should drink up”, laments Josh Franceschi, front man of those popular young emo kids You Me At Six. Fortunately, for anyone with the misfortune of hearing 'Liquid Confidence', one drink is also all it takes to erase the 3 minutes 15 seconds you've just wasted your life on from your memory.

Yes, yes, slating YMAS and their ilk is like shooting fish in a barrel but they make it so darned easy. From the soppy acoustic beginnings to the predictable drop into the 'heavy' 'rock' facade they like to operate from behind - it's generic and lifeless, full of fist-pumping stadium vibes that makes 13 year old girls in patterned hoodies who dream of being Hayley Williams scream until their vocal chords leap out of their throats and hop off to somewhere they'll be treated more considerately. YMAS are Westlife with guitars and asymmetrical fringes and they sooner they admit that, the better.