My Pursuit For Truth - Demo

Liam McGrady 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

With two tracks clocking in at around 6 minutes, and with one of them called 'Heavy Thought's, you'll be correct if your assumption is that we're venturing into 'Epic Rock' territory here. All the regular influences for this kind of thing are firmly in place on this demo too. The vocals are like a young Richard Ashcroft - when he was a little bit mad and used to climb big hills and sing into the wind - and musically it varies from Hope Of The States military precision to Radiohead's noisier moments.

Opening song, 'Stick To Your Gun's', is at first, almost identical to Coldplay's 'God Put A Smile On His Face' with earnest acoustic strumming being augmented by delay laden guitar lines. But when My Pursuit For Truth crash into a melee of pummelled drums; a vortex of distortion, all thought's of baldy old Chris Martin fade away and I kick back; taking in the sheer beauty. It's not all this good though.

The already touched on 'Heavy Thought's' can be a bit trying at times; 'cos it doesn't really do anything other than be a fair to middling Post Rock affair throughout, and 'Situation Times A Million' starts off promisingly with poetic lyrics like, “Beating words from a disused silence, and I, I feel a little tongue tied/I feel a little tongue tied” but gradually becomes overwhelmed by over-zealous use of white noise. But it does get better again.

'Winter Nights' falls back into the calm/noise dynamic of 'Stick To Your Gun's' only this time the loud bits sound like My Bloody Valentine and the quiet bits sound like, well actually, I don't know really; but they sound tense and on edge - and entirely suit the paranoia and guilt running through the lyrics, “Are we falling short of time? Then forget about us, and try, and hide it out, and hide it.”

I was going to conclude this review with a quote from Meatloaf that, “Two out of three ain't bad,” but then I realised that there are four songs on this demo; and now after writing this I look a fool. Damn.