And What Will Be Left Of Them?

Lee Puddefoot 16/04/2008

And What Will Be Left Of Them? Interview 14.11.07

It's a dark and cold (very cold) evening, the wind whistles through, and up every available gap in my clothing, teasing my goose-bump riddled flesh as I find myself outside in the garden of The Windmill in Brixton. Six of us closely huddle around a small garden gas lamp, close enough to make out the person next to us but not quite enough to be intimate with each other.

Sheltered by some foliage and being circled by a large German Shepherd called Diane we begin the interview.

And What Will Be Left Of Them? Or AWWBLOT? to their friends are a delicious concoction of giddy melodies, hyper active rhythms and an incessant dollop of fun. Imagine a musical Transformer; part 586, part B-52's, part Bis, with an arm of Shrag, an ear-lobe of Los Campesinos!, a big toe of The Slits and The Unicorns pert bottom. Just imagine it.

AWWBLOT? were 4 years old in January. Cheers, claps, cake, candles etc etc.

So what are the typical characteristics of a 4 year old?

Let's ask our friend the internet:

1) Notice the new things and admire and enjoy their accomplishments - Last single 'Come With Me'/'Look In Your Eye' (PopArt) was 7 inches of Indie-pop heaven. Well done.

2) Listen as they demonstrate more self-awareness and understanding of the world - The wide eyed enthusiasm and wonder they display is adorable.

3) Be sensitive to the boundaries between the real and the imaginary - AWWBLOT? live in a different world to us, one of sugarplum mountains and raspberry bootlace roads. We should move there, I'd recommend it.

4) Provide opportunities and encouragement - Go to see these little tykes lots because you'll love them.

5) Do not be too eager to channel talent. Give them space and time to explore - What better way than to wait eagerly for their debut album.

World, let me introduce you to our friends, And What Will Be Left Of Them?

Red White (a.k.a. Lucy) dances around in lovely frocks whilst singing and smiling, Blue Peter joins in with Lucy singing and is responsible for the riff attacks, Chris Wemyss keeps the band in check with his thumping percussion skills, Matt Pooler whirls around melodies on the keyboard like their going out of fashion (which will never happen of course) and Joe Beech slaps his Bass strings like they've been very naughty boys.

With an estimated population of 94,300 these five indie-pop assassins met in the Midlands city of Worcester. Bonding over alcohol and music a friendship was formed. Apart from Joe, if he drinks it'll kill him.

Pete “essentially we got really drunk and ideas were formed and 4 years later we're still doing it.”

With a series of releases already under their belt on various labels including 'Hi-Fi Lowlife' and the 'Dance Damn You Dance' EP on Filthy Little Angels, then 'Wet Week In July' on their own Little Hellfire Club label, now they've opted for the charming folk down at PopArt records to release 'Come With Me'/'Look In Your Eye' joint with fellow alt-poppers Brontosaurus Chorus (out October 2007).

Both songs are utterly invigorating and impossible to resist, be it the eccentric joint vocals wobbling all over the place, throwing themselves around like they're on a bouncy castle, the hooks that embed themselves deep in our ear drums, or simply the smile that it puts on your face.

Chris “It's quite nice to have the vinyl on my wall to be honest, a nice tangible object.”

Pete “We've always had CD singles or downloads so it's nice to have something made of plastic….well bigger plastic”

With an imminent birthday party due, we talk plans;

Lucy “We throw good parties.”

Pete “Actually we do throw really good parties.”

Lucy “bunting, party poppers…”

Pete “The last bunting we got somehow got covered in maggots. It took me ages to work out what the smell was in my room, then I found a lot of maggots, it was a good night.”

So, putting rotting party accessories aside we have a chit-chat about their forth coming debut album and what we can expect. Pete goes on to tell us that all the songs for the album have been decided “We're hoping it'll be a ten track album that'll run in at 30 minutes”.

So with this punk rock ethos they're obviously keen to get going, “We've demoed the entire thing up so now we've just got to get in the studio and slam it all down” continues Pete.

Featuring old and new songs the album promises to be something to hold dear as he enthusiastically adds “Basically we want it to be a perfect indie-pop album, something joyous and fun but with a bit of weight to it” and with the releases to date its impossible to imagine it as anything but.

The future is still relatively unsure as they haven't decided on which label to put it out on yet as Pete reflects “We've been working up to this album for almost four years and we want it reach as many people as possible”. So, I'd recommend all labels out there to get in here quickly before you miss out.

And, all I have to say to you is that when it is out, get it and go see them live then … Dance Damn You Dance!