Black Grass - Don't Leave Me This Way

Kev Eddy 07/08/2006

Rating: 3/5

Yes. It's a trip-hop version of that song. The signs are not good. As expected, the Portishead-esque treatment of the dark-yet-jaunty 80s pop classic turns it into something quite creepy and unsettling. However, despite a sneaking feeling that the song wouldn't be out of place overlaying a scene from Nil by Mouth (the single most oppressive film ever made) or the excessive number of remixes, this is quite an alluring little tune - in a very 'you shouldn't but you have to' way. Dominique Noire's plaintive vocals discordantly complement the underlying track perfectly. It's that discordancy which turns an excellent reworking of a fairly shallow pop song into something truly dark and disturbing. Not one for a summer's day, but worth a listen nonetheless.